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Sagittarius Kid Personality Traits

Born Nov 23~Dec 21Ruling PlanetJupiter
SymbolThe ArcherElementFire
Basic TraitI PerceiveClosest MetalTin
Lucky DayThursdayQualityMutable
Lucky PlacesSocial occasionsLucky Numbers6, 9
Lucky ColorBeige, Bronze, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red and Violet
Lucky FlowersPink Carnations and Dandelions
Lucky GemsTurquoise
Ruling GoldGreek-Aphrodite; Roman-Venus
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A Sagittarius child is friendly and easy going from a very early age.

He/She likes to greet and talk to people. He/She desires to be loved and admired. A Sagittarius child can get disappointed if he/she feels other people dislike him/her.

He/She likes to greet and talk to people. He/She desires to be loved and admired. A Sagittarius child can get disappointed if he/she feels other people dislike him/her.

As his/her parents you should try to give him/her a cheerful and comfortable home to grow up. He/She can grow distant and indifferent to you if he/she is neglected as a child.

A Sagittarius child is honest and frank. As truth hurts people's feelings sometimes, you would have to tell him/her why sometimes being subtle is important.

He/She is inquisitive and likes to ask loads of questions if asked to do things. Always be prepared to give a Sagittarius child a good reason in order for him/her to believe or listen to you.

A Sagittarius child is very forgiving. He/She will forgive you if you neglect him/her because of something else. He/She dislikes lies.

He/She likes freedom and appreciates if you could give him/her space that he/she desires. He/She often wants to go away into the world to experience at an early age. Give him/her the freedom he/she desires.

A Sagittarius child takes great interest in religion and he/she likes wandering around. He/She has an independent mind. He/She will never over rely on his/her parents but on the other hand he/she will always have great respect for them.

As his/her parents you need to be supportive and when he/she grows up he/she will realize how great you are. A Sagittarius child is not great at managing money. You need to be disciplined with a Sagittarius child and teach him/her to be sensible towards money.

A Sagittarius child normally matures early. Therefore as his/her parents you need to introduce things about the opposite sex to him/her early so that he/she is prepared.

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