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Sagittarius - Blood Type O Personalities


Sagittarius with Blood Type O is open and adaptable. You have the flair to get to know people very easily.

You are practical and full of vitality. You have great ability to analyze situations before making any move. Consequently you rarely make mistakes.

You enjoy freedom and are broad minded. You detest being trapped or limited. Enjoying freedom is one of the most important things for you in life.

Sagittarius with Blood Type O is very considerate and rarely interferes with others. affairs. You have great passion for everything including work, play, and relationship. You might be perceived as irrational and changeable by others.

You take emphasis on artistic pursuits as well as philosophy and religion. You perceive the beauty within is more important than the beauty on the surface.

Advice: Your changeable personality might lose your credit with people around you.

Sagittarius and Blood Type Personalities

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