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Sagittarius 2019 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

Thanks to the influence from Jupiter, Sagittarius expects to learn a lot and stay positive in 2019. Though there are ups and downs, you expect to stay optimistic and look for ways to improve the situation. Between January and March, everything expects to run smoothly for Sagittarius. Between April and August, unexpected turns expect to appear in your life. After August, things expect to get better.


It is important for Sagittarius to reflect whether the current relationship works in 2019. You may find both of you rarely agree on anything. It is important to think carefully before you further commit into the relationship. For single Sagittarius, January and November are good months for you to declare your feelings to the person you like.

Money management

Your financial status expects to stay balanced in 2019. As a natural spender, you may find yourself making more purchases in 2019. In April, you may encounter financial disputes with your business partners. Try to pay attention to your home security. Try to budget so that you can avoid spending more than you can afford.

Academic Guidance

For Sagittarius you expect to make great progress in 2019. You expect to receive help from your teachers and you will make breakthroughs. You may plan to go abroad for further study. To improve yourself, you are also likely to make lots of book purchase. Try to stay focused.


Thanks to the influence from Jupiter, Sagittarius expects to have a smoother year at work in 2019. Though there are ups and downs at work, overall you expect to perform well at work. Between January and April, it may be good time for Sagittarius to make investments or enter into partnerships with others. Try to plan ahead before you make big investment or other business decisions.


It is important for Sagittarius to stay active in 2019. Try not to work overtime frequently. Control your diet and rest routine. Owing to the impact from Jupiter you may find yourself restless from time to time. Try to stay cool headed and avoid conflicts with others. Try to add exercises such as jogging or meditation to your everyday routine.


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